The Wood Shop

Keeping Safety in Every Product Prototype Story

In many professional wood shops, when the question of safety arises, it amounts not to “if,” but “when” an accident may occur. Inside the Inventionland Wood Shop, a combination of skill and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that safety is one of the main components in every new idea’s product story.

Safety Rules with these Prototyping Tools

Tools of the trade in the Inventionland Wood Shop include standard hand and electric saws, as well as jigsaws and planers. But, they also include a soft saw, equipped with a conductivity-sensing stopper that can stop a powerful blade instantly, minimizing accident risk exponentially. In addition to safety, the Inventionland Wood Shop remains a clean, healthy working environment, thanks to air scrubbers and a down-draft sanding table that minimize the release of sawdust and other dangerous particles into the air.

New Ideas Take Functional Shape as Product Prototypes

Everything from finishing work for prototypes to the finished sets of Inventionland has been created inside of the Inventionland Wood Shop. The proof-of-concept prototype for the Hover Creeper, which was featured on the HISTORY™ Channel’s Inventionland TV special, was also crafted there.

With every imaginable wood-working tool and material at their disposal, Inventionland builders bring product prototypes alive with skill, safety and care inside the Inventionland Wood Shop.