Software Engineering

Designing and Developing Applications for Instant Downloading!

Over 60,000 square feet of creative space and all we need is a mobile device and a whole lot of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)! Our Creationeers collaborate to combine all the high-tech stuff that makes easy-to-use mobile applications… well, easy-to-use!

Software Development that’s Taking Technology into Tomorrow

Talk about seeing a new idea come to life. Software ideas that land at Inventionland are taken directly to Apple’s App Store, where they can be instantly downloaded and devoured by users.

More than Just Great Connection

New application development is about far more than just an appearance on the App Store. With the proper formulas and STEM behind the products, applications that are engineered at Inventionland are prepared to perform. Check the App Store for Inventionland’s growing list of engineered applications today!