The Textile Shop

Sewing Things Your Needle and Thread Couldn’t Imagine

Sewing may not be at the top of the priority list for every new product idea that rolls into Inventionland but, if it is, the capabilities inside of the Crafty Cottage, Inventionland’s textile shop, can handle the work. Yes, you’ll find standard sewing machines. You’ll also find industrial-strength embroidery machines and an ultrasonic sewing machine that’s able to bond together rubber, plastic and vinyl. Not quite your average sewing machines.

Big Ideas Meet Big Talent

The room full of high-tech sewing machinery has been commanded by a third-generation seamstress who has rolls upon rolls of different fabrics, buckles, latches, buttons and hook-and-loop fasteners at her fingertips. So, every new idea, from 3D-stuffed animals to water-tight inflatables, becomes a reality inside the Velcro-laden walls of the textile shop.

New Products Created Stitches Above the Competition

Invention ideas like the spa-therapy TheraPED, the Pugz innovative line of pet-comfort products and the AVIVA Splash-O-Meter were crafted inside the Textile Shop. Like so many other areas in Inventionland, the equipment and talent there allow no limits to the creativity that goes into every invention idea.