It’s a Lot More than Just Tinkering with New Technology!

The final step before new mobile technology hits markets like Apple’s App Store? Extensive product testing! It’s up to our quality assurance team to make sure all hardware and software is verified, validated and viable before it’s taken to market.

Troubleshooting Before the Trouble

To the untrained eye, it may look like our product testing team is just playing with different mobile devices. But, if you’ve got a new idea for an application, its success may ride on its ability to work across various platforms. So, what do we say to our mobile product testing team? Play, play away!

Getting Down Before the Download

New application ideas may not sit on store shelves like other tangible new product ideas, but because they’re available online, they can be a whole lot easier to get your hands on! So, product testing is crucial to ensure that new applications function properly from the first download. Otherwise, they may be rapidly rendered useless.

Further proof of our team’s mobile product testing capabilities? Our very own Inventionland app has been downloaded from Apple’s App Store since 2010!