The Paint Shop

Bringing Vibrant Life to Projects Big and Small

From prototype painting to putting the intricate finishing touches on new products, the Inventionland Paint Shop is well-equipped for any project. As well it should be, because there is rarely a project created at Inventionland that doesn’t go through the Paint Shop.

Adding the Color to Creative Ideas

Outwardly, the Inventionland Paint Shop appears to be a clean, pristine and picturesque working environment. In reality, the Paint Shop is a bustling center of creativity, where professional builders select colors from an exhaustive color palette to make or match any shade under the sun.

The Right Tools to Enhance Prototypes

The professional painting system found in the Inventionland Paint Shop includes a positive air pressure system and mechanical spray gun. On any given day, you may enter the Paint Shop to see an experienced Inventionland creationeer donning a white full-body suit and mask, equipped with a full breathing chamber for safety. Why? Because to properly finish any prototype or project, you’ve got to have the right tools at your fingertips; and, in the Inventionland Paint Shop, they most certainly do.

Just some of the intricately-painted products that were created inside the Paint Shop include: