The Model Shop

Where Every Project Prototype Starts and Stops

There is not a product prototype created at Inventionland that does not go through the Model Shop. The Model Shop serves as Inventionland’s main assembly station; so, once a new product idea has been thoroughly researched and the design has been approved, this is where a tangible prototype is built.

Skilled Inventionland builders, with backgrounds ranging from design to metal or automotive-working, craft dozens of new product ideas at once. They start and stop a project only to wait for parts or for certain pieces to dry.

Prototype Development from A-Z

Beginning the build process at a personal computer station, each builder moves throughout the Model Shop to reach project completion. Working toward a finished product prototype, they carefully select from tools that can include a hands-off heating station or hands-on equipment like hammers, sanders or glue guns.

Putting Prototypes to the Test

Though each Inventionland builder works independently in the Model Shop, they frequently collaborate on final products, particularly in the testing phase, where things begin to get a bit personal. The Lazer Bot, was first tested by an Inventionland builder’s own cat and dog. In fact, the Water Rocket was actually tested inside the Inventionland moat waters.

The Inventionland Model Shop produces 7 to 10 new product prototypes each day. Their process is certainly unique, but undoubtedly effective.