Technology So Current that it Makes Ideas Beam

When it comes to new product ideas, who doesn’t want to add a laser here and there when they can? Joking aside, the talented team of electronics professionals at Inventionland not only have the ability to add lasers to innovative new product ideas, but they also are capable of making circuit boards, programming with microprocessors and doing many other software-driven things that make the technologies of tomorrow run today.

Expert Vision Keeps an Eye on Cost

Some of the electronic talent at Inventionland might claim that they were born to tear down and rebuild things just to see how they tick. Some may have learned to use equipment like soldering irons or voltmeters in electronics school. Their highly-trained hands have worked on highly-technological and highly-expensive gadgets; but, they are all wise enough to understand how new product cost plays a major factor in a technological idea’s success in the market, which is why they work closely with designers to create cost-effective inventions that are ready to sell.

High-Tech Inventions Shine in Stores

Products like the RV Leveler, a leveler for a motorhome, and the Lazer Bot and Laser Collar, two new innovative laser-equipped pet toys, are common creations that started in the Inventionland Electronics Shop.