The Mold Shop

Turning 10,000 Failures into Cost Efficient Success!

Walking into the Inventionland Mold Shop is like entering the world of product emulation. There, professionals with a solid understanding of manufacturing and research and development undertake the difficult task of creating product prototypes out of liquid plastics, rubbers and foam. These highly-trained product developers mold the first glimpses of the future… future products on store shelves that is. Their tools may appear simple, but they’re quite complex. Vacuum chambers and vibrating tables aid them in pouring and casting molds. But, variables like room temperature and humidity can serve as obstacles on any given day.

Invention Ideas Start to Take Shape

The results of their labor are cost-efficient imitations of actual products that are used to try to convince corporations and retailers to take the next step, which is often highly-expensive mass production.

Product Ideas Become Prototypes

Corporate clients like Jokari, Hugs Pet Products and Chicago Metallic have sought the services of the Inventionland Mold Shop to create, tweak and perfect prototypes before sending them to be produced. Products that were perfected inside the Inventionland Mold Shop include: