The Laser Shop

Staying a Few Cuts Above the Competition

When a new project comes down the line at Inventionland and it involves precisely cutting or intricately engraving plastic, cardboard, wood or other materials, it heads straight to the Laser Shop. There, thanks to high heat laser cutters, the dangerous words “X-ACTO blade” are never uttered.

At the Inventionland Laser Shop, templates can be cut out of any flat stock imaginable; but, there is no need to imagine. The shop is fully stocked with racks of styrene, acrylic, cardboard and many other workable sheets of material.

High-End Prototypes for Less

In lieu of creating expensive die-cuts, trained professionals inside the Laser Shop are able to emulate die-cut parts and inexpensively make changes or ask a creative “what if?” to further innovate the high-end prototypes of the products that we see on store shelves every day.

The Half N Half Cupcake Pan and the Whack-a-Mouse, a cat toy are examples of product samples made in the Inventionland Laser Shop. 

In fact, there aren’t many projects that come out of Inventionland that do not go through the Laser Shop; they simply wouldn’t make the cut.